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​​Whether your event is corporate, social, for a conference or wedding, LoganMania, Inc. has the right Entertainer for you!

Our staff will cast the best entertainer for your event. We look for these 3 qualities and more!


An entertainer with experience knows how to manage your event in an organized and efficient manner, starting with pre-planning all the way to the last dance of the evening.  A great entertainer thinks fast and is able to adapt to any changes in your event flow while staying cool under pressure.

At LoganMania, we have the experience.  We've been doing this 1993!  We have thousands of events under our belt, from Fortune 500 companies to weddings for a father's only daughter.  Every LoganMania entertainer has at least ten years of experience in events, so you can rest assured your event will be in good hands.  


A entertainer needs knowledge of the music industry to ensure that your guests are getting the hottest hits of today, the best classics from the past, and the real crowd-pleasers that get them up and on the floor.  Our entertainers are passionate about music and entertainment.  They have the knowledge and the resources to keep the hits coming all night long.  LoganMania's 40,000+ song library is updated regularly and features everything from Jazz and Standards to the Latest Top 40 Hits.  Our entertainers stay current on the latest in music technology, using only professional, high-quality sound systems complete with wireless mics and optional lighting packages to ensure the best experience for your guests.


Perhaps the most important aspect of choosing an entertainer is personality.  An entertainer's style goes a long way in making your guests feel comfortable enough to relax and have a great time.  Some events call for a laid-back, low-key entertainer on the mic, while others fit best with an over-the-top, fully-interactive entertainer working the crowd. Whatever your personal style and taste, it is important to choose an entertainer who can be a reflection of you for your event.

At LoganMania, we are more than just entertainers.  We are entertainers.  This is what we do!  Our entertainers do not just stand behind the mixer board without moving.  Our entertainers interact with your guests, from making announcements to staying on track with the itinerary to choosing the right music to keep the dance floor moving all night long.  We don't just facilitate the party; we bring the party!