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Are you ready to bring

your event to the next

level of information

retention and fun? are

you ready to play

Brain Mania? 

Brain-Mania uses Hollywood-style game show formats to completely engage your audience in active learning and retention.  


Your participants will really connect with the interactivity, competition, and FUN in our game shows.  This powerful training tool can be used to introduce content, preview material, or review material in a unique and fun experience that will keep your audience focused and energized.  You will be amazed at the retention of your guests when important facts and information are incorporated with visual, auditory, and kinesthetic styles of learning.  They will not even realize they are learning when they are having so much fun!



Each and every question can be completely customized to maximize your "edu-tainment" experience and expand the learning potential of the show.  We will work with you to create a show featuring pictures, sounds, and even video files to present the specific information needed to achieve your goals for this event.    


Brain-Mania is completely digital and wireless to give your participants a true Hollywood experience without the distractions of podium ringers or emcees reading from cards.  Our wireless buzzer system and large digital screen display allow us to take the game beyond the podiums on stage and out into your audience to allow for team play and full interaction. 


LoganMania's game show emcees are professionals.  They have moderated at events for major theme parks, major league sports franchises, and various Fortune 500 Companies all over the world.  All of our Brain-Mania emcees have an extensive background in improvisation, which is key in live questioning with contestants and handling any curve balls that may come their way. 



This fast-paced game features information categories of up to five questions with 

different point values.  Contestants select a question from an information category

and then ring in to answer and score the points.  

"Corporate Feud"

Two teams face off in an attempt to give the chronological or "top" answers to a question such as "Name something you eat with your hands" or "The top five customer service complaints are" or "The first 5 steps in filling out the TPS reports are".  Teams score points with each correct answer but must avoid getting three "strikes" for incorrect answers, which allows the other team the opportunity to steal their points.  

"Tic Tac Toe"

An "X" team and an "O" team compete to form three-in-a-row with their symbol on a 3x3 grid game board by answering correct questions for each square.  If neither team forms three in a row, the team with the most symbols on the board wins the jackpot of accumulated points for correct answers.

"Is That Your Final Answer?"

Teams take turns answering a series of questions with increasing difficulties and point values.  There are several "lifelines" available if a player gets stumped on a question, including "Ask the Audience", "50-50", and "Ask an Expert".  Team members can also pass a question to force the other team to answer.

"Wheel of Knowledge"

Phrases and words are hidden, and contestants must spin the Wheel of Knowledge for the opportunity to guess letters to be revealed.  Each spin must be earned by answering a question correctly.  The majority of spots on the wheel contain point values to be awarded for a correct letter guess, but penalties such as "Lose A Turn" and "Bankrupt" can change the game quickly.