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Live music can set the tone of the entire event and a musical act's ability to interact with the audience and read their energy raises the bar in entertainment.  

We strive to seek out and provide the absolute best talent in the music industry for our clients.  Rest assured that when you select a musical act from LoganMania, you will be entertained!

Please contact us for individual consultation about your event.  We have researched, previewed, and hired hundreds of local and national acts through the years.  With this knowledge and experience working for you, we can provide you with selections from our database that will best suit your event.

this is where it all began...

It was a love of music and a passion for moving people with music

that led to the creation of LoganMania Music & Madness.  Twenty-five

years later, music is still the driving force behind what we do and the

key element in many of our entertainment offerings.

Music is a universal language that crosses barriers of culture, language, religion, politics, and economics.  Music can move people, inspire them, and just make them feel good.