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Our Poets are Perfect for Romantic Wedding Receptions 

For the past several years, we have been providing our clients with a talented poetry experience called "Word Play".  In fact, "Word Play" poets are one of our most popular requests!  Our TEAM of interactive poets create short, customized poems for your guests on an actual vintage typewriter!

These personalized poems create instant ice breakers - guests can share poems with each other during the event...or keep it to themselves as their own secret souvenir!

Poems are given to guests in individual envelopes. Each poem is stamped and signed for that extra personal touch.  We have also provided logo'd paper when clients request. 

Our poets can be themed for a variety of events, including retro, Goth, Gatsby, modern, garden party...and virtually any theme you can imagine!

We now have the option to present our poets on a virtual platform for a completely new experience!

Our poets love to get

into character!

Licensed Talent Agency #1030


Each poem is individually crafted, stamped, and sealed!

Our poets LOVE what they do!